Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guess who's here?


Yes!  My parents arrived on Monday last week on their first ever trip to the UK.  They flew in on KLM as KLM comes directly into Aberdeen airport which is about half an hour away from us.  I decided against flying them via Heathrow as it's just a circus if you land at the wrong time.

Dear Hubby had driven off to the airport with Connor to pick them up while I waited at home with Anders.  They took so long I thought something must have happened.  And I was right!  Customs had singled them out and made them unpack every single thing.  Mum had packed some bak changs  for me to eat and some bloody Customs officer confiscated them.  ALL eight of them!  I was almost in tears at the thought of my mum's lovely delicious bak changs  in the hands of some gwailo Customs officer who wouldn't appreciate them.  Hmph.  I hope you rot in hell.  Hmph again.

When they finally reached home, Mum was first through the door.  Beaming, she gave me a big hug and then immediately asked to hold Anders.  Dad was next, tired but happy.  Dear Hubby and I smiled at each other watching them coo happily over their newest grandson.

Mum has been a big help ever since they arrived, helping out with the housework and Connor while I focused on Anders for a bit.  She's also been cooking some of my old favourites while she's here and it's great!

Right now, they're away in London for a few days.  My brothers volunteered to pay for a trip to London for our parents as they said it would be such a shame to come here and not go to London.

A few days ago when I was driving Mum around the beautiful Scottish countryside, she said to me that she couldn't believe she was here.  She said, "We never dreamed we would ever come to UK... never even DARED to dream it."

Nice to know that sometimes dreams DO come true.

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