Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There is no D in Denmark

About two years ago, a friend of ours told us that there is no "D" sound in Denmark when you pronounce it in the Danish language.  She is half-Danish and spoke Danish so I guess she must be right.  But it seemed quite hilarious to me considering that Denmark (and Danish) starts with the letter D.  She explained that Danish is one of those languages where you don't pronounce everything as it looks.

Two days ago,  Dear Hubby was chatting with our neighbour.  I'd met her a few days earlier when I was out with the boys, Connor on his bike and Anders in his stroller.  When she asked about our new baby's name, Dear Hubby answered proudly, "AND-ers.  My wife thought a Danish name would be nice as my family is originally Faroese."

"Ah!" she beamed.  "AHN-ers!"  Turns out she's Danish.

And that's how they pronounce it in Danish because...

...yes all together now...

There is no "D" in Denmark!

I should have just named him Bob and saved us all the confusion.

PS:  We're sticking with "AND-ers"... some people pronounce it as "OHN-ders".  It doesn't really matter because he's going to be called plain ol' Ah Boy anyway.

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