Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Darth Connor!

Darth Connor!  Nov 2013

Our son was introduced to Angry Bird Star Wars some time ago by his uncle.  He never took much interest in it till recently and then he would quiz me about the various characters in the game.

For the first time ever, I had ALL the answers to something.  "Oh this bird?  This is the Han Solo bird, Connor.  Mummy loves Han Solo.  He's so wonderful."  "This one?  This is a stormtrooper pig." 

Like many others of my generation, I grew up with the original trilogy.  My Star Wars had Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, not CGI.  I spent a large part of my childhood carefully arranging pillows and bolsters on the floor to form the cockpit of my X-wing fighter.  Then with my uncle's battered motorbike helmet on my head, I would climb in and soar to a galaxy far, far away in my imagination.

So when my son showed interest in Star Wars, I was so thrilled.  Finally.  My very own padawan.  Teach him the way of the Force, I shall.

Daddy got very suspicious as Mummy enthusiastically gave in to Connor's request for Star Wars related toys.  "But it's his birthday, darling!"  "Yea, yea.. his birthday or yours!"

And so Connor woke up on his 5th birthday this year to find his presents were a lightsaber from us, a Darth Vader costume from J and a knock-'em-down Angry Birds Star Wars game from M&J.   He was over the moon.  In fact, he wore the Darth Vader costume for three days straight before I could peel it off him.

When I watch him play at being Darth Vader or Yoda, I feel like I'm watching me as a child.  It's so brilliant that something that had captivated me as a child has the same power over my son so many years later.  

May the Force always be with you, my little padawan.


  1. You a a good mummy! I watched the 1st and 2nd of the new Star Wars but never got into it. Star Wars to me was all about what I grew up with - Han Solo (but of course!) Leia, Luke Skywalker et al. With Disney having bought the franchise and a new movie or two slated in the coming years, I do wonder what we'll end up with. I suddenly feel old.

    1. Me too, hope Disney doesn't screw it up. Esp when they were hinting Harrison Ford might come back and I'm thinking Really? In what... a wheelchair? Don't spoil Han Solo for us!