Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter is coming

Morning frost, Nov 2013

It's getting a lot colder now.  We started getting frost about two weeks ago, saw some snow-capped hills too and last week, we even got a little snow on the ground!  It was very little though, not enough to make even a mini-snowman but it's got me all excited waiting for proper snow to come.

I'm looking forward to snow this winter because we can go sledding and snowboarding this winter.  Last winter, I was carrying very precious cargo inside me and so all snowsports were out for me.

We've just had some mild days these week but apparently it's going to get very cold again soon.  I don't understand British newspapers.  The way they go on and on about how bad winter is going to get, you'd think this was the first ever winter in UK.   You get winter here every year, right?  You'd know what to do by now right?

C'mon snow!  We're waiting!

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