Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anders' new LFC kit

Anders' new LFC kit, Mar 2014

When Connor was born, friends in Scotland sent us a baby Liverpool FC kit.  Maybe it's hard for you to understand if you're not a footie fan but I absolutely loved seeing my son wearing the kit.  Even more so when he was posing with a football.   At that time, there was a huge hoo-haa on fan forums regarding the lack of local boys in our club and I had daydreams of my son (who's half-Liverpudlian) being one of the "local boys" in the starting eleven one day. 

When Anders came along, I didn't really think about buying him his own LFC kit.  After all, the one Connor wore still looked brand new and it fitted our Anders perfectly now.  I had learnt the hard way that infants grow out of clothing very very quickly and it's best to not spend a fortune on their clothes quite yet.

But then I spied this kit at 50% off.  The bargain hunter and Liverpool fan in me could not resist.  I pulled out the credit card right away and bought the kit.  

It arrived last week, all shiny and new and I was SO pleased with it.  Poor Anders.... being the younger child, he's always been in hand-me-downs and we've barely bought anything for him that's all his.  

Until this kit arrived.  This is HIS.  It's all new, never been worn and it's my gift to my younger son, one for him to keep and maybe pass on to his own son.  

I can't wait for him to grow big enough to fit this kit.  It says on the label 12-18 months but the sizing is so generous, it looks like it can fit a 2yo easily.  I don't mind.... happy to have clothing last him as long as possible!

You'll never walk alone, my little Anders.

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