Saturday, March 8, 2008

FA Cup: Pompey 1, Manc Scum 0

HAHA!!!!!!!! I just have to post this. As our household is staunchly Scouse Red, we are delighted to congratulate Pompey on their win over the Mancs.

What was so great about the match (in no particular order)
1. Rio "D'oh!" Ferdinand looking hopeless and hapless in goal
2. All those shots on goal from Man U bouncing off the post, the upright and being cleared on goal line
3. The sight of Ol' Whiskey Nose almost purple with rage at the send-off of his goalie
4. The glee in our household when we realised they had NO goalie on the subs bench
5. Former Liverpool players at both ends of the pitch who held them off - David James and Milan Baros


Well done, Pompey!


  1. Used to live in Pompey. Thanks for the update - equally thrilled!