Friday, March 7, 2008

Snapshots from Jakarta - the money

This is what the rupiah looks like! That was all I had on me at the end of my stay and it wasn't enough to pay the airport tax, so Dear Hubby had to stop by an ATM. That is a total of Rp64,000 which is approximately.. er wait, lemme go get a calculator... RM20.

I didn't bother plastering the pic with the SAMPLE - DO NOT DUPLICATE because I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort duplicating anyway. :)


  1. hello expat wifey... aka... mrs top mokey ... or better known as "The Elf" ... will definitely be checking out your blog :P

  2. wickedlyperfect: Hey my Glam Hobbit!!! Thanks for your support, mwah, mwah! :)))

  3. Ibu Top Monkey,
    I think it is only in our bolehland that you need to put the word 'sample' across the notes!

    Fellow Malaysian Expat.....not wife nor female thou'