Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ladyboy Barber of Jakarta

Dear Hubby was looking for a barber in Jakarta and a fellow expat told him of a lane near his hotel where he could get his hair cut. So after work one day, Dear Hubby went off by himself to explore.

The first shop he peeked into seemed rather dirty and shabby and the clientele a tad too rough, so he un-peeked himself and went on walking. He came upon another shop, took a look inside and decided it was okay. So he went in, parked himself into a chair and told the owner he wanted a hair cut. The owner nodded vigorously and asked him to wait, saying he would get the barber to attend to him.

Surprise!!! The barber turned out to be a ladyboy! Or as Dear Hubby put it "...not a very good one." Dear Hubby decided no harm could come to him anyway and proceeded to explain what he wanted - his usual buzz all over and to please NOT touch the tail of hair at his nape that I am so fond of. "Okay, okay," the barber nodded.

Bzzz! went the clippers and thennnnnnn it started. Barber starts to make convie, "Are you here alone in Jakarta?" Alarm bells went off for Dear Hubby but he maintained his "outer vogue" to answer, "Yes, I'm here alone." Big smile from barber, "You want lady?" "No, no... I don't want lady." Silence for a few minutes as the barber concentrates on his (her???) clippers.

Then, came the RM1 million question: "I'm lady... but not really lady... you like?"

I was rolling with laughter by the time Dear Hubby reached this point in his story. He said he quickly said no, he's not into ladies who are not ladies and hurriedly paid up and fled. I asked between giggles, "Will you ever go back?" He rolled his eyes. "Why not? He did a GREAT job with your hair, baby!" It is true the barber did a great job with the hair. Maybe next time I'll come along with Dear Hubby to protect him from such improper conversation.


  1. "I'm a lady,..not really a like"?

    *Laughing my head off*

    I must say it's brave of your hubby to go there by himself on the first place..good for him.

    haha. I can so imagine his expression when s/he asked him that question. hahah!

  2. miss lai lai: Haha... I really enjoyed the look on his face when he was telling me the story, so I can imagine what he must have looked like at the moment the barber made the offer.

  3. That one is really funny. I had a similar incidence once years ago. I had an Australian - Lebanese descent boyfriend and he came to Medan with me. He wanted a haircut so we went to my usual hairdresser (with lots of ladyboys) and the staff couldn't get their hands off him. He shuddered and shuddered in his seat. Not a pleasant thing for him. I find it hillarious that such hunky guy could cowered so easily by "lady guys"

  4. hahahaha...

    those ladyboys.. they are just too funny!

    My ex husband (who is a hunky specimen of an Indonesian alpha male) once accompanied me to a beauty salon in jakarta. Several of the hairdressers were real 'fruits'.. they went crazy for him, and one actually coquettely told him, "don't be too sure you don't like p*nises.. try it first, won't know til you try one"

    it's a bit vulgar, but i laughed my head off while ex hubby asked if he could leave and pick me up when i'm done.. :p

  5. i dun mind being ur backup


  6. andi, rima: LOL @ your stories. That's funny! I was telling Dear Hubby, "Maybe they like big, strong boys..." since he's a full 6'2" and weighs in at about 200lbs.

    azer: Hahaha.. you sure you want to be backup? Hehe.

  7. Hi Mrs Top Monkey,
    I came across your blog when i was googling for msian expat living in Jakarta (my hubby is moving there soon), and i gotta say i really enjoy your blog.. Keep it coming! :)

  8. Hi Michelle, thanks for dropping by and I really appreciate your encouragement! I started this blog so that my friends and family could keep up with our life in Jakarta and I'm glad you're enjoying it too. Maybe we'll catch up for real in Indon!

  9. where is this place honey....Im definatley into that and need a haircut in the city today!! Jakarta May 1

  10. Anon: No idea... sorry can't help you there! Hee