Sunday, March 30, 2008

Torres 1, Toffees 0

Way-hey!!! I can now go back to reading sports pages! After that awful debacle at Old Trafford, I'd simply pretended the sports pages didn't exist. I know, I know... I have a very ostrich way of dealing with defeat.

I am delighted with the win but I was surprised at how tame Everton was. I'd expected them to give a much better fight. My only disappointment was that the younger Neville sister didn't score an own goal this time round.
The only pain I get from an Everton defeat is that it will surely disappoint my FIL, who is a Toffee through and through, but did atone for that mistake by bringing up two Red sons. :)) Sorry about the loss, Dad.. don't worry, we'll buy you a pint in the pub when we're back next to make up for it!

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  1. Ok, I am not a sport lady at all like yourself. So I have no idea what to put in the comment box.

    Just want to say "Have a good week!"

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!