Thursday, March 6, 2008

TV in Jakarta

You know what's fooking awesome about this hotel I'm in? Other than the free 24hr broadband of course.
It's the sports channels!!! We have 8 different sports channels here! Fooking awesome, like!!! I don't know if this applies to all of Jakarta though. Last night, we had the option of watching Man U play Lyon (Er no.. I don't think so), NBA, cricket and rugby.

This hotel has about 80 channels. We get the usual channels from Astro as well as selected channels from S. Africa, India, Germany, Italy and Spain. We also get the local Indon channels.

For fans of Fast Show, you may remember the weather report on their foreign news sketch (Boutrous Boutrous-Ghali!) where the weather was always sunny and hot for the entire country. Remember the map with all the suns plastered across the country? Well, we happened to tune in to the Spanish news channel one night and it was the weather report. And guess what? The map was plastered with suns and Dear Hubby and I immediately shouted, "SCORCHIO!!!" Pissed ourselves laughing, we did.

I'll get me coat.

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