Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Choosing a baby name

Two weeks ago, Dear Hubby brought up the subject of baby names. I've been in total despair over this matter since every name I like is a no-no for Dear Hubby. I like Aubrey from the song from Bread of the same name.
And Aubrey was her name
A not so very ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?
For a love that wouldn't bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune
But Dear Hubby said no, it's a terribly uppity and old-fashioned name. So I sang the song to him and said, "But baby... next time when her boyfriend's courting her, he can sing this song to her!" He dismissed my female logic and waved it away. One name down.
He didn't like James either... I've always liked the name James. Not Jim. Or Jimmy. Just James. I was willing to go with Jamie but Dear Hubby said "Too common!" First, too uppity. Now too common. Sigh. This is what I call Goldilocks Syndrome. You know... too hard, too soft, too cold, too hot... in other words, a fusspot who doesn't really know what they want.
Dear Hubby thought it would be a great idea to have a Chinese name, to reflect Little Monkey's dual heritage. So last night, I called Dad up to ask him to help pick a Chinese name for the baby since I'm totally clueless about Chinese. The convie is as follows:
Me: Hello Papa. Can you please help pick a Chinese name for the baby?
Dad: You want a Chinese name? Won't it look odd? Whose surname you using?
Me: (thinking it very silly question) His surname la. He's the father, right? We put the Chinese name after the English first name and before the surname.
Dad: (thinks) Ok la... I pick the name, you put wherever you want.
Me: Ok. Just pick a few options for boy and girl names.
Dad: (suddenly panics) But will take time to pick names! Cannot just last minute! Give me at least two days!
UTTER SILENCE. I am too stunned to speak for about half a minute.
Me: (regains sanity, clears throat) It's ok, Papa. The baby is due in NOVEMBER. You can take as much time as you need.


  1. Its a big problem to pick a baby name, we are doing a list and we will try to find something in common.

  2. I always figured that one has to think really hard when choosing a name for his/her baby lest the name gets teased later when the child grows up.

    And then I realised that children will make fun of EVERYTHING, and will think of everything to make it sound funny.

    Have fun picking up babies names! :D

  3. ahahahaha ... i acted out the convie between you and your dad to hubby and we had a totally great laff! cute. u should be a stand-up act la babe! :)

  4. Tine: Ya, ya, I agree. My dad gave me my name not realising that it was the name of an obnoxious song I can't stand and I've had to endure people singing that song to me all my life. So I want to spare my child that. At least pick a name with a nice song.

    Shortcake: Wei... laugh at me ah... wait till your turn. Hehe.