Monday, April 28, 2008


Lady of leisure requires pool boy to uh... service her pool. You - buff, young, tanned, non-David Hasselhoff Baywatch lookalike, able to swim and resuscitate well (very particular on last point). Me - married, with lots of girlfriends who have promised to come and visit, some of whom are single and extremely attractive.

Your duties - to service the pool and um... other needs as required such as... er... CPR lessons. Please maintain cleanliness of pool at all times, so do not pee into it. You will also be required to be on hand to help out at various BBQ poolside parties that I plan to organise for my girlfriends. You are required to look like a Greek god at all times on duty. You will not be allowed into the house at any time. If you are found snooping around, you will be severely spanked and whipped and asked to beg for forgiveness. Even more so if you accidentally discover my latex Catwoman suit. Rowr.

Speedos provided. Please reply to this post if you are interested in the job. Guys with the first name David will be given preference unless your last name happens to be Hasselhoff. I am an equal opportunity employer. Salary will commensurate with your... ahem.. experience.


  1. *waits eagerly for a positive response* But hor, Hasselhoff lookalikes?! I was more of his sidekick whatsisname? Pete something? :P btw I loved the tour of your new house. It looks AMAZING! All those stairs will make sure you get lots of exercise this period of your life. Can't wait to check into Hotel Top Monkey! ;)

  2. pb: Nono.. I said NON-Hasselhoff lookalikes. Me no like Knight Rider types. I appoint you my assistant. We two shall sift through the applicants and interview them ok! Bloody stairs. LOL I wanted a house with a lift. Do come, we can watch French and Italian tv together!

  3. *oooooooo* heheheh ... does pregnancy make people hornier and kinkier than normal? u gotta tell me babe cos I gotta come up with some back up plans! *hyuk*hyuk* I'll definitely come for your 'pool party', wait, there will be a 'pool party' right? RIGHT??? :O

  4. Shortcake: *coy look* Well... it was the horniness and kinkiness that got me pregnant in the first place... so er... ;)
    Yes, we are going to buy a proper BBQ set (honest!) so that we can do BBQ out there by the poolside, so you can bet I'll be having pool parties!