Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Floods and hailstorms in KL

Due to personal reasons, I have decided to stay back in KL for the time being until we finally pack up end of Apr and go off to Jakarta for good. This means poor Dear Hubby will have to shuttle between the two cities for the time being. Never mind. Each time he comes home, he gets a real royal welcome and I fuss over him for days.
So this means I'll be a little short of Jakarta stories until next month. *sigh*

Anyway, KL has been hit by really bad rains these past few days. I was caught in one yesterday afternoon after having lunch with an old colleague, M. The skies opened again today and the lightning was really, really close to my apartment here. Yikes. It's 7pm now and the rain has finally stopped.

I saw this online at The Star today about floods and hailstorms in KL. While the flash floods news is nothing new to KL-ites, the bit about hailstorm was pretty intriguing. I've never had that happen to me, I've never seen hail in my life. But what was most intriguing was that a resident actually collected some of them and ate them because they're supposed to be good for health! Eh??? After it's gone through all that dust and pollution and whatever sulphuric acid in the environment, you pick it up and eat the thing???


  1. ok you are going in my google reader coz I can't keep up with when you update hehe... People EAT those things? cuckoo! And yes yes still trying to meet up!

  2. hola,

    welcome back!

    am nervous against you know who.

    btw, err ... you know me, the one who love to trouble you and all and here you are ... you are tagged!

    name 5 debut albums (wit a bit of description hopefully) by singers/bands that you think are great stuffs.

    they shud be debut ... their first albums not compilations or other stuffs.

    you are to tag 2 others or hehehe i dun mind listening to your eric clapton playing :-)

    i've done my part.

    have a nice and vistorious weekend.