Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Liv 4, Ars 2 (Agg Liv 5, Ars 3)

Tralalalala... tralalalala.. tralalalala.... LIVERPOOL WIN!!!!

Yes, the Gunners came out guns blazing in the first 20min, then wilted. Was it a pen on Babel? I thought it was, the way Toure was crawling all over his back and more importantly for me, the Dutch lad didn't crumple the way Hleb did last week, arms flailing Drama Minggu Ini style and Bambi eyes on referee, pleading for a pen even as he went down. I can't stand players who do that, whether they wear Liverpool red or not. We have a term for them: D I V E R.

I have to say I like Arsenal. They play beautiful football. But sometimes they seem too intent on showing off their beautiful passing and neat triangles and forget that in the end, football is about putting the ball at the back of the net, not about showing off how much possession you had. I wish them all the best in the race for the EPL crown, I would be well pleased if they won it end of the season.

Smug personal reason for lovin' the winnin': I knew a Frenchman once who loved to blame everyone but himself and had that silly "But of course! We are ze superior French!" arrogance. Just like Arsene "Je ne see pas the handball/foul" Wenger and then blames a 4-2 loss on our luck. It just makes it all sooooooooooooooooo sweet.

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