Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Notes from a pregnant Mrs Top Monkey

Whee! It's so wonderful being pregnant! I've come home to visit Mum and Dad for a bit before I fly off to Jakarta again and it's wonderful being treated like royalty. I've never been treated like royalty before! LOL

On the day I returned, Dad steamed up an entire golden pomfret for me to eat. I couldn't finish it of course, it's impossible to ask me to eat an entire pomfret by myself. When I humbly asked if I could have nasi lemak for breakfast (my Little Monkey has a very strong preference for spicy foods), Dad happily obliged and bought me not one, but TWO packs of nasi lemak. (Cue Steve McMahon: You bought two???)

Mum bought me soyabean milk just because I asked for it. I can't stand the taste of tea or coffee now, you see. So my beverage options are quite limited at the moment. I dare not tell them that Little Monkey's favourite beverage has been Coca-Cola and I've had to control myself the best I can because I can really glug that stuff down now. Funny... I've never been a Coke fan.

Today, we're having plain rice porridge with fried eggs, fried fish and vege for lunch. Yum, yum!!! I am rather fond of plain rice porridge, must be the Hainanese peasant in me. :)) I have fond memories of sitting in the small kitchen of the old Hainanese woman who babysat my youngest brother and tucking into plain rice porridge served with pickled lettuce, fried salted fish, fried eggs and fried ham. Simple and delicious. Take that, Nigella!

I'm not showing yet, no baby bump for strangers to pat but my friends who have met me recently all say I'm glowing. Well, when you're this happy, you will glow like a lightbulb. Trust me.

Signing off now and I probably won't be online till Monday but not before sending some babydust to my Shortcake girl... Don't misalign your hips while you're trying it! Hehe...


  1. You are a porridge person? I am too! My husband thinks it's vomit food.

    Congratulation, again, on the pregnancy. I guess as long as you gulp down the prenatal vitamins and eat everything in sight, you'll do fine. :)

    So, eat away. Don't be shy!

  2. andie: Your hubby and my hubby can be best friends then! LOL My hubby takes one look at porridge and looks utterly disgusted.
    I couldn't eat a single thing for some weeks after I first found out. Almost everything I ate came right out again. It's only now that I've stopped barfing and am devouring everything. I'm so shy to admit that I ate two karipap tonight even though I had lots of dinner. Hehe. Going to have a little pig, not a little monkey!