Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back in Jakarta!

Whee! The Top Monkey family are now reunited in our new home city of Jakarta! I'm quite pleased to be back, it's nice to be able to see Dear Hubby daily and to have someone to cuddle up to at night.

Our journey here was filled with drama. We'd spent the weekend with friends in Singapore and the journey from friends' home until we walked out into arrival hall of Soekarno-Hatta Airport here in Jakarta was just one kan-cheong episode after another.

We caught a cab to Changi and in the cab, Dear Hubby handed me his passport for safekeeping, this is the first time he'd ever done it. I duly put it away in my passport holder together with mine. When we finally arrived at Changi and the taxi had started pulling away, Dear Hubby starts feeling frantically in all his pockets and goes, "Shit, shit! Call the cab back!" Too late. As I wonder how to find the cab, Dear Hubby wails, "I can't find my passport!!!" Cue raised eyebrow from me. "You gave it to me to keep, remember?" A sheepish grin from the normally organised and calm Dear Hubby is the only reply I get.

We boarded a Singapore Airlines flight for Jakarta. Normally, service is excellent on SQ but something must have been totally screwed up because we were only served our meals half an hour before landing and everyone had to gobble their meal up. I gobbled up mine, I was starving and I'm sure my Little Monkey was absolutely starving as well, my poor baby.

Then as we were getting off the plane, Dear Hubby said, "I think I'd better check and see that my wallet is in my hand carry." He said he'd removed it from his back pocket and put it there. Checks reveal no wallet. Oops. Off he runs to our seat (which are 2nd last in the plane) while I do a re-check. Still nothing. He comes back, shaking his head. Where did his wallet go? So I checked my bag and found it inside there. Phew.

We were so late off the plane we bumped into the cleaning crews coming in with their huge plastic bags. Getting through Immigration was quite easy. We picked a trolley and then... "Where's my camera?" I paled. It had been my job to carry Dear Hubby's camera and somehow in the confusion on the plane, searching for the wallet and all, I must have left it on the plane. Dear Hubby grabs his passport from me and takes off running.

Yikes. This is Dear Hubby's precious camera. It's not your average point-and-shoot digicam. This is a semi-pro SLR model that had cost him quite a bit and I was just panicky at the thought of losing it. Ten minutes later, a slightly sweaty Dear Hubby emerges with a big grin and his camera. Many thanks to the staff at the airport, they were very calm and efficient and it was such a relief to get the camera back. I cradled it closely after that.

Then we started scanning the luggage carousel for our bag. Where was it? We noticed that most people had already gotten their luggage and had walked off but where was my bag? When the crowd dwindled to just about 5 people, Dear Hubby looked as if he could dive behind the curtains of the start of the carousel to look for my bag. Finally... it arrived... the VERY LAST bag to get off the plane. Right behind my bag was a sign that said "LAST BAG".

With a sigh of relief, we loaded it onto our trolley and went off into arrival hall. There was S, our trusty driver, waiting for us with a big smile. I heaved another huge sigh of relief when we got into the car. The drama of our flight had to be over now for sure.

So today, I'm just going to chill out in the hotel room and meditate and get my Zen-ness back. I've had enough drama to last me for the next week.


  1. I hate airport dramas too. It's the worst kind of dramas. I used to complain a lot on how my husband always loses stuff when he travels. Now I understand.

    When you travel and transit (sometimes it takes me three days to get to my destination), it is so hard to keep track on our personal belongings. Now I am lucky that I can keep an eye on my passport and wallet (the most precious items)

    *knock wood real hard*

  2. babe ... i know the feeling, traveling is really stressful for me ... i keep checking and checking and CHECKING my handbag and wallet and stuff a thousand times to makes sure I did not DROP or leave anything behind. I always have the nightmare ore premonition of leaving my hand carry behind, losing my boarding pass, dropping my passport or handphone etc, and I am sooooo ANAL it hurts *sigh*

  3. andie, Shortcake: I normally don't panic bec I always put all my documents in the same place. But because Dear Hubby was (as he put it) going senile, we had the wee crisis. When we were finally safe in our car in Jakarta, he turned to me and said, "You know when you forgot the camera? Don't do that with the baby, ok?" LOL