Friday, May 23, 2008

Five on a Friday

This Friday tag came from Paris Beaverbanks. It's a good thing I remembered today is Friday, days can pass me by sometimes and I forget what day of the week it is! So anyway, here are the five questions I have to answer on a Friday after I've gotten is, so here goes:

1. To watch or to participate?
I pick to participate. God knows life is short enough, I'm not going to sit by the sidelines and watch it go by. However, if the doing includes either frying something in hot oil or bungee-jumping, then I pick to watch.

2. Malls, catalog shopping or Internet?
MALLS!!! Even though they start to look the same no matter where you go... but nothing beats trying on the stuff you want to buy for yourself. Besides, I enjoy people-watching and I enjoy seeing how malls structure their displays so as to entice me, the unsuspecting consumer, to spend more than I normally would.

3. A bath or a shower?
Shower, please. Besides, I'm not supposed to be soaking in really hot baths now that I'm pregnant. But lately, I've been taking a sort of bath-plus-shower thing here in the hotel. The problem is the shower stall is small and I always feel constricted while inside there. So I've switched to sitting about in a shallow pool of water for a bit and then rinsing it all off with a blast from the shower. Makes me feel a lot cleaner.

4. To talk to people by telephone, in person or by email?
Erm... really depends on how well I know the person and how clued-in the person is on tech stuff. For Mum and Dad, it's phone/person for sure. They don't even know how to reply SMSes, what more email! For friends, I don't mind any form of communication mentioned above. Perhaps it's because I spent most of my Uni years typing away on a keyboard and making friends all over the world that I've yet to meet via email/chat and so, I don't feel that email is as cold and impersonal a medium as others do.

5. Typing or writing?
Typing. My handwriting has gone to the dogs. LOL Unless I'm giving cards or personal msg, then I write.

As I don't know many people online yet who keep a blog, I'll just tag less than five people. (Okay hor, PB?)

TGIF, everybody!

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