Friday, May 23, 2008

My weird dreams

They say that pregnant women have very weird and vivid dreams and I can vouch for that. I've just had two really weird dreams on consecutive nights and they're so weird that I thought I would just blog about them.

Dream No. 1 was two nights ago. I dreamt that I was in the future and science was so advanced, they were doing things that we today would never thought would ever be possible. I dreamt that the scientists had perfected a technology where you could take a developing baby out of the womb and show it to the mum so that she could touch her baby and see for herself that baby's all right and then put it back into the womb again.
I could see them cutting up me belly (didn't hurt though I was conscious) and taking out a healthy baby for me to cuddle for a bit. Can't do that for long though! Then they took the baby and put it back into me and I carried it to full term. ??????????
What a weird dream. When I woke up, the first thing I did was to pat my tummy to make sure it wasn't cut open and my Little Monkey was still inside. I think this dream just manifests my desire to see my little one. I'm barely halfway there but I'm really excited about becoming a mum and being able to hold Little Monkey for real.

Dream No. 2 was last night. I dreamt that I was a detective. Not just any detective, but a white male detective. How did I know I was a white male? Well, on the phone, I identified myself as "John Connelly" and I saw my hands which were clearly white. JOHN CONNELLY???? How on earth did I ever come up with that name???
Anyway, I dreamt I was this detective solving a crime. It wasn't your everyday crime either. It was an unsolved murder that had occurred years ago and I had somehow come into possession with a telephone that enabled me to contact the detectives from that era who were desperately trying to solve that crime. I was really trying to solve crimes across time! Ooh! Think NYPD Blue crossed with Quantum Leap. That was my dream last night.
I guess I'd better stop watching so much crime and detective stuff on telly. I don't watch CSI but I do enjoy watching the other crime shows like Law and Order and there's a crime website that I read regularly.

I don't understand why I can't ever dream about finding the perfect pair of shoes or something like that.


  1. Hey I ever got weird dreams too 2 days in a row. Even the story were different, but the point same.

    One of it was I told him that I'm goin out of the house to take a walk and he was staying at home. Then while I was out my BF heard there was a sump (air bah) because apparently in my dream we seem living on the hill or somekind like that coz I wore a jacket before I went out (but actually the fact is, I'm living in a big city). After he heard a sump, he catched me out tried to picked me up. After he gone, I back home and feel like nothing happen, and it was raining too.
    I asked where is my BF, and people in the house said he was out to search for me, and I was waiting for few minutes and he suddenly back, but he died. people carried him and he didnt move, I was crying like crazy and there was his mom, and she blamed me all of it. I woke up jumped and sit, with terrible sweat.
    2nd day almost same story the point is he died.
    That time I was in holiday with my BF.

    Well on 3rd day I was afraid to sleep, so I pray before I go to sleep.
    I think thats gonna help you, try to pray first.

    But I'm a very supersitious girl, I know that nightmare in rows has something meaning, I'm sure, but I dunno what.
    What happen is next 1 month, after vacation with him over, we broke up.

    I consultate it with friend who also fortune teller, she said, dream can have meaning in between 2-4am she said, others just the bunga mimpi (flowers of dream) hahahahahahaha

  2. Interesting dream :D I believe dream about telephones or letters (had that at times too) means you had contacts with the subconscious of others - letters more like a message.

    Probably coming from the baby, clear strong mind and knows his purpose. John Connely probably just a name, but it's a man's name, and your baby is a boy...
    Congrats, you have little detective in hand. He's going to ask a lot of questions about anything and everything

    I'm happy for you :D

  3. I didn't know dreams about telephones/letters signify messages. Thanks for the info!

    I can guess my baby is going to be one nosy, active boy who's going to poke his nose into everything and anything... if his movements in the womb are anything to go by! Hehe... thank you both for your comments.