Monday, June 30, 2008

My international jet-setting lifestyle

Eat your heart out, guys. I am now living the life of an international jet-setter.

Of course, while other international jet-setters set off for locations such as Paris and Milan, I set off for... er... Balikpapan. Dear Hubby's company has a base office here and he had to come here to oversee things for a week. It made no sense for me to hang around alone and bored in Jakarta while he was alone and bored here in Balikpapan, so we both flew here yesterday.

Since we arrived at night, there wasn't much to see. But it's now 10am here in Balikpapan and I've discovered my hotel is right on the beach. Woo! I love the sand and sea. Very strange because I can't swim. I'll be out in a mo to take some piccies. No idea what the place is like but it looks nice and quiet and the air is a LOT cleaner than Jakarta.

I have to sit down and rest right now instead of going straight out to explore because I've just (as usual) over-eaten at the hotel breakfast buffet and now feel like I've swallowed a beach ball. At 21 weeks pregnant, my belly has suddenly decided to swell up. I never looked very pregnant before this, just er.. fat, I suppose. But now I look decidedly pregnant and for the first time, the hotel staff at our regular hotel in Jakarta have started asking me about the baby. I guess before this they thought it was impolite to ask me why I was so fat. I've found that I now get breathless after some meals, maybe it's because I don't have much space inside me anymore and after meals, the stomach presses against my diaphragm? Dunno. The scary bit is that my Little Monkey isn't done with the growing yet, he's got another 4 months of growing inside me to go!

Ooh.. the beach is looking so tempting... really have to go now. Will continue with my Canada holiday memories when I have time to sit down, I really, really had fun there.

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