Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a BOY!

At 21 weeks of age in the womb, Little Monkey has finally decided to co-operate with the doctor and today at the scan, we finally saw his wee wee-wee. It's a BOY!!!!!!!!

Dear Hubby was there as well and the look on his face when he saw the baby on the scan is just so cuuuuuuute and sweet. I saw a lot of emotions run across his features - delight, surprise, amazement at the technology the doc had, relief the baby was all ok after our long flights across the Pacific to Canada and back. We all had a good laugh in the room when the doc finally managed to get a good look at Little Monkey's wee-wee and confirmed, "Yes, it's a boy!" Little Monkey wasn't moving much as he normally doesn't wake up properly in the womb until it's about 11am but he did manage to give us a wave. Or so we think.

I go for my normal check-ups alone but for the big occasions, Dear Hubby always accompanies me. He was there when we had a bleed scare, when we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time and for this time - when we finally determined that Little Monkey is a he and not a she. Dads-to-be, if you're reading this, we really like it when you're there with us and trust me, you'll really like it too. So do make it a point to accompany the mums-to-be for their appointments, especially for the biggies.

Another bit of good news was that I've had my Triple Screen test for Down's and my test results came back normal. Yay! I haven't gotten the report in my hand yet but I've called the clinic for it and the nurse spoke to me and said everything is all ok.

I called my parents with the news and then sent out sms'es to family near and far. I am now looking forward to taking him for footie practice all dressed up in his red Liverpool kit, taking him for snowboarding down the slopes of Mt Washington in Vancouver Island and huffing and puffing behind him as he learns how to ride his first bike.

Time to go shopping for baby stuff now that I know what colour to buy. :))

Note: To those who have been asking, no, the Little Monkey will not be christened Rafael Fernando L.


  1. Congratulations! Now you can go buy all the blue baby stuff :p

  2. Congrats, congrats! Gavin can look forward to having another boy to climb trees with ;o)

    Although, that said, I climbed trees when I was a kid...

    And well, there's also no reason why you can't dress your daughter in Liverpool scrubs...

  3. Tine: Heh, yeah... now we can be sure we're buying the right colour!

    figur8: Gavin and Little Monkey can watch Liv matches together! Haha! Gavin already has footie kaki even before he's old enough to watch footie.

  4. Woohoo! A little boy! Congrats Cheesey Poo & TM!

  5. PE: Tenkiu, tenkiu! Just saw your wedding blog ytdy, glad all is coming together nicely for your big day!

  6. Pity... we haven't been able to find any Liverpool scrubs for kids here. They only have Man U kids stuff (damn posers! :op)