Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More pics from Canada

LMAO Look at the expression on my face. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the expression of something who knows that she has just made the biggest bloody mistake of her life because...

...despite her fear of heights, she's going to have to walk across this bridge. TWICE!!! (Capilano Suspension Bridge, Capilano Park, North Van)

Is this what enlightenment looks like? If memory serves me correctly, this shot was taken while we were driving towards Tofino, Vancouver Island. Dear Hubby spotted it and hurriedly pulled over before rushing out with his camera.
EDIT, 04 JULY: Guess my memory's failing. This shot was actually taken while we were on our way to Salmon Arm.

Chairs in the back garden of the cabin in Comox, Vancouver Island. This cabin belongs to a friend and it's used as a holiday home by the family. It's got a log fire and if you walk out to the back garden and go down some stone steps, you're right on the beach where you can pick up some driftwood for your fire. Since no one was using it, he very kindly offered us a place to stay in Comox. We spent about 4-5 days just lazing about in the cabin and that was really nice, many thanks to the MacDonald family. Dear Hubby used to live in Comox and he took me around to introduce me (and Little Monkey) to his old friends. Comox was the place where I finally got to sample some REAL Canadian cuisine - a friend served us grilled elk for dinner and it was delicious!

Me craning my neck trying to see past the Douglas firs and hemlocks in the forest. (Capilano Park, North Van)

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