Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some pictures from Canada

Sorry for the wrongly spaced pics. I've tried and tried to fix it but Blogger won't let me.

Tofino, Vancouver Island

We decided to splurge out on this cabin because we fell in love with it when we saw it. It was a one-bedroom cabin made entirely out of cedar and looked out to the Pacific Ocean. It cost C$150 for one night but we decided it would be worth it and it was!

View of the Canadian Rockies from the road. The drive was long and hard but the scenery made up for it.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver

This is one of the funniest pics of the whole holiday. This is me just about to get started on walking across the bridge and I'm trying to get a pic. But I can't because I'm swaying and shaking so much! Haha!

Columbia Icefield

Pic taken at the start of the hike up to the glacier. It was BLOODY worth all the huffing and puffing!

Jasper, Alberta

View of street in Jasper. Wouldn't you like to live in this town with the Canadian Rockies as your backyard?


  1. Living without a mall?! Horrors! lol... lovely piccies m'dear! In blogger disable the alignment of the photos as you upload them or choose "None". Haven't used blogger in a bit so can't remember all the commands. I'd been reading all your posts just not commenting yet! btw congrats on the boy! :D Am sure you mom is pleased as punch?

  2. PB: LOL That's what I used to think too - what, live without a mall??? But the nature bits of Canada are so lovely, you forget about the lack of good shopping.

    Thanks for the pic tip. I was really pissed bec everything looked ok in preview but wouldn't come out right in the actual blog.

    All happy on home front re: baby. First grandchild and all, they would have welcomed it even if I told them it was a half-porcupine or something, hehe.