Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greetings from Aberdeen, Scotland!

Heh. I bet this gives the shivers down Finally Woken's spine! LOL Aberdeen, the Granite City and home to Dear Hubby's old buddies.

We arrived in England last Wed to see the in-laws. Dear Hubby had not seen his parents for a year and they'd wanted to see me before I'm busy screaming out loud in some delivery room, delivering their latest grandson into the world. They are dream in-laws for a Liverpool FC fan like me - my in-laws are Liverpudlians and my father-in-law used to be a football coach and was friends with the old management staff of both Liverpool FC and Everton FC. :))) I knew I'd found my dream in-laws when I met them for the first time, hehe. They still live in Liverpool and we've been back every year to see them since.

I had only ONE mission when we arrived in Liverpool this time - to buy Little Monkey his LFC baby romper suit!!! And we got it! Dear Hubby and I picked out his baby sleepsuit and a day romper suit for the wee one as well as a "LFC Baby on board" for our car. I'm content now. We showed the suits to my in-laws, FIL was snorting a bit as he's an Evertonian. But I'm delighted to have gotten him the suits, I'll be looking to bring him home from the hospital dressed up as a proper Red. I've told Dear Hubby that he can wear his Liverpool jersey for the day we bring him home and we can all take a silly picture of us three in our footie gear. Yeah! Hidup Liverpool! Haha....

On Saturday, I took mum-in-law out to Southport, a 20min train ride north of Liverpool, to attend the annual Southport Flower Show. Okay, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't quite sure it was my cup of tea. I'm no good with flowers and gardening. But she loves flowers and she'd never been, so I thought, "Oh why not!" And it turned out to be a wonderful day. I thoroughly enjoyed the floral displays in the Show and even the Q&A session with two celeb gardeners (if there ever was such a thing...) was fun!

We drove up to Scotland yesterday and it sploshed all the way till Glasgow and then miraculously, the sun came out. This is the first time I've not been cold in Scotland. I've usually frozen my bum off each time I'm here no matter how many layers I put on. We'll be driving back to Liverpool on Friday and will fly back to Jakarta on Sunday. After that, NO MORE FLYING for me, I'll be staying put in the house, washing baby things and practising my Kegels. Hehe.

I'll update as often as I can, I don't have regular Net access while I'm here in the UK but will do my best.


  1. tell me again - is Glen Coe a piece of heaven on earth??

  2. Hey, why didn't you let me know you're in Aberdeen? I could have taken you out! Next time please don't hesitate to let me know:)

  3. doc: Glen Coe? Me not know... sorry... teehee...

    FW: I thought you were in Jkt! LOL Never mind... next time then!