Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm the happiest mummy2b in the world...

... because we've bought a whole lot of cutesy baby gear for Little Monkey and most of it was on sale!!!

I'm a practical person. While I did insist on paying some money for the LFC romper suits for our son, I also thought it was useless to buy expensive baby gear as a baby grows so quickly. So imagine my delight when we found cute baby gear in value packs of 7 pcs and what-nots going on sale here in the UK. We snapped everything up and I think Little Monkey's pretty much covered for clothes for his first year. I hope he doesn't mind wearing the same patterns all year round because all we did was pick the one cute pattern and buy them in different sizes, haha!

Gap Liverpool was having a sale and we walked in and picked up some nice shirts for him, all going for a pound each. Sooooo cheap. One was a nice Hawaiian sort of shirt and I'm thinking of taking a piccie of him wearing that, sitting by the pool in our house in Jakarta, margarita in hand and send that off to family.

Now all we need is a stroller, a cot, a carseat, a chest of drawers for his clothes and I think we're set to welcome him into the world.


  1. You are so going to love the set I'm going to send to you! :D I pantang so I'll wait till the little one is born then I'll send it over (if I don't manage to carry it over personally la!) So send me your address some time. And did you get your diaper bag in the end?

  2. PB: Cooeee... just back in Jkt! Ooh, thanks!!! You're so sweet! I'll be sure to take piccies of Little Monkey in it so that he'll remember his Auntie PB bought it for him.
    We finally settled on this leather tote from Cole Haan. The clincher (for Top Monkey at least!) was that it cost less than the canvas totes from either Anya or Coach.