Friday, August 15, 2008

The reason behind my silence

Well, folks... I've been back in Jakarta since last week but haven't managed to post anything because I'm currently without any regular internet access. I'm now sitting in Dear Hubby's office and borrowing the corporate wifi to write this.

Well, first things first - we've moved into our house! Yay! It really makes a difference to life in a different country when you have your own pad as opposed to living in a hotel. Although I do miss housekeeping and laundry, I prefer having to do my own dishes and laundry and knowing that this pad is ours. It took me a week and more to unpack and sort out all the various knick-knacks that followed us from KL. This is where I learnt that unpacking knick-knacks is much, much worse than unpacking the big stuff. We discovered stuff we never knew we owned - like two sets of candle stands. ??? Where on earth did those come from? And this weird cooking utensil from IKEA that both of us looked at and asked each other, "What is THAT???" I'll post a pic one day and I hope someone can tell me what it's for.

What's my favourite part of the house? Probably my kitchen. Even though I've only just learnt how to cook, hehe. I spend a lot of time inside there, trying out recipes. It's got a pantry which proves really useful because we can lob all our stuff inside and not clutter up the cabinets. I've only made use of the floor-level cabinets and the ones that are just above my head because I'm too short to reach anything else. I really need a small stool to reach the top shelves but Dear Hubby won't let me climb anything right now.

We're still sorting out stuff, we've yet to buy a bookshelf for our books and we've yet to throw a house-warming party for the neighbours because we haven't got any dining chairs. Haha! We brought along our dining table but we'd tossed our chairs in KL because they were coming apart. So now, we have this nice clean table that's laid out with napkins and a beautiful big mood candle... and NO chairs! We eat our dinners seated on the sofa.

What I would like to use next in the house - the pool. I've been far too busy these last two weeks to even think about a dip. It looks really pretty at night when we put the pool lights on and we sit in the hall and look out to see this patch of shimmery blue outside. We did that for the first two nights, then we got tired of having to walk out and switch the lights on and having to bat off mozzies at the same time.

Which brings me to my pet peeve about this house - the light switches. They put them in very odd places. The lights for the front porch are out in the garage. Why can't they have the front porch light switches in the hall as they do in every other house I've lived in? We finally discovered there is another switch for the front porch light... upstairs in the family hall! Gawd.

So dear visitors, our Top Monkey Hotel isn't quite ready yet... though we've got the guest rooms ready and stuff like that done, so if you don't mind having your dinner at the sofa and unopened boxes as decor, you're very welcome to come and stay! We're headed to the UK next week to say hello the in-laws (and to buy Little Monkey his LFC baby romper!) and won't be back till first week Sept, so drop along any time after that!

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