Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on my Mummy2b status

I am almost 33 weeks pregnant. When I stand up and look downwards, I can't see my feet. I now weigh 75kg, which is far more than I've ever weighed in my entire life. Of that 75kg, a mere 2kg+ or so is the baby. The rest is me. The boob size listed on my recently purchased nursing bras look like they belong to some porn star. My back aches at night. I can't bend down properly to cut my toenails. My spleen has changed places with my kidneys as a result of all that kicking from the baby.

Having said that, I'm lovin' it! Hehe. There is something magical knowing that this little being is growing inside you and as the days tick by, it suddenly dawns on me, "Erm.. he's coming out soon and I'm not really ready yet!"

He gave us a fright earlier this week. He's normally very active and I'd been telling Dear Hubby we should plan to send him for taekwondo classes or something as he seems to be very talented at kicking the shit out of things. Then for two days, there was barely any movement. All attempts by me to poke him into action didn't work. Panicking, I went off to the hospital, Dear Hubby in tow. They hooked me up to a monitor which recorded his heart rate and told me to press a button each time I felt him kick. And of course he picked THIS moment to start kicking like mad again, making me look like a complete loon in front of the nurses who looked at my tummy bulging from his kicks and said, "But ma'am, he is very active!"

I had my first labour class this Wed. The class was conducted in Indonesian by one of the nurses. She taught us breathing and relaxation techniques. At the end, they brought in the resident nutrition expert who talked about eating well during pregnancy and breast-feeding. The funniest part was when the nurse was teaching us exercises for tightening our tummy and pelvic muscles. She sang out the instructions, "Kempiskan perut, kerutkan pantat...." (i.e. Suck in your tummy, tighten your buttocks) Now, for us in Malaysia, we normally refer to one's posterior as "punggung" in polite company. When one is rather pissed on alcohol, one may say "buntut" which is probably "arse" to you and me in English. But "pantat" is a rather rude word... I've only ever heard it when someone's really angry. So I was caught entirely by surprise to hear this gentle nurse use the P-word and had to stifle my giggles as I tried my best to hold my pelvic muscles together.

Next week, I will pack my bags for the hospital. I've been practising wheeling his newly bought stroller about the house and collapsing it so that I won't kelam-kabut when it comes to using it for real. I'm also practising how to fit his car seat into the stroller. Still not too good at that though, sometimes it doesn't click into place right away so I'll have to keep trying.

I can't believe I'm going to be a mommy soon. :)))


  1. oh my gosh my gosh - or oh my my is more like it...LMAO... oh my gosh - you are going to a mummy... oh my gosh i can't wait...

    you'll do fine just kerutkan your pantat and such!

    Go Aileen!!!

  2. Royboy: *beams besar-besar* I will try to kerut my pantat as hard as I can then!