Wednesday, October 8, 2008

35 weeks pregnant.. not long to go now!

*sings* All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Yes indeedy. My bags have been packed for the hospital since last week and right now, I'm filling out forms for Little Monkey's citizenship and passport applications. I've collected all the documents we need and put them in a handy folder so that Dear Hubby can just bring the whole lot along to the hospital when the time comes.

I've washed his baby clothes and when I folded them, it just struck me how very small he's going to be when he arrives. I haven't held a newborn in my arms for many years now, the last was probably my now 17-yo cousin so I've totally forgotten how small they are. May I just say how very cute baby clothes are, I just found them sooooooo adorable. I can't wait to dress him in them!

We had our appointment today with the doctor and Dear Hubby had sprung up at 7am, singing, "We're going to see our little boy today!" But we didn't really get to see him. I think our little boy's head is now so big, it couldn't fit into the 4D scan screen and all I could see were his tightly shut eyes, his nose (oops... I think he's got MY squashy, flat nose after all!) and a fist. So we had to be content with traditional 2D scans, watching him swallow some fluid and seeing him trying to bat the doctor's probe away with his tiny hands.

He's terribly sensitive to pressure on the tummy. All I need to do is rest my hands on my tummy and he'll immediately react with squirms and kicks until I take my hands off. So you can imagine how vigorously he protested when the doc pressed down on my tummy with the ultrasound probe!

He's a healthy 2.7kg (about 6lbs) and all his vitals are good. His kickboxing skills have improved to the point that I have to sleep at this odd angle at night where there is minimal contact between my tummy and the bed. Otherwise, he simply kicks me until I get the message. He's also made the connection that squeezing my bladder eventually results in a lovely musical flushing sound that he adores, so I've been getting up at least 4 times every night and running off to the loo.

I woke up two nights ago, feeling some contractions. My first thought was "Oh, so that's what it feels like." My 2nd thought was "Okay... is this the real thing? I'm supposed to time it, right? Oh shit.. where's my handphone? Oh no, craps... it's downstairs." (I was going to use the hp's stopwatch function) My 3rd thought was, "Oh well... er... 1 second... 2 seconds... 3 seconds... I forgot how many seconds it's supposed to last for the real thing... hey it's gone." My 4th thought was "Oh bother... zzzzzzzzzzz....."

As I told a friend, I'm nervous about his arrival because I don't have an absolute fixed time for it. His due date is estimated at Nov 10 but he could be earlier or later and no one can tell me exactly when... very galling for a fussy Virgo like me who likes schedules!

Off to sit in the pool for a bit now... it really helps to ease the strain on my pelvis. In my next life, I want to come back either as a mummy whale (who gets to have the water carry her weight all the time) or as a mummy pigeon who just lays small eggs and be done with it.

One more month and I'll be upgraded to Mummy status! :))

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