Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Notes for hubby

1. Things your husband should say/do when you're pregnant:
  • "Let me clear the dinner things and give you a rub later, okay?"
  • Doing the dishes without being asked
  • Cooking up breakfast/dinner on the weekends while I snooze

2. Things he shouldn't say when you're pregnant:
  • "But your bump perfectly balances out your thighs and makes you look more streamlined all over!"
  • "Isn't it nice how your bump provides the PERFECT place for your boobies to rest on?"
  • "You know... in Africa, these women just stagger in, have the baby and go back to running around in the bush... none of this Chinese confinement thing!"

3. Things he should say/do, whether you're pregnant or not:
  • "No, you're not meeting the right girl in KL because I've already met her and we got married last year!"
  • "Oh, just buy whatever you want!"
  • Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles

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