Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jakarta Traffic Quiz

Let's play... Driving in Jakarta!!!

1. Before making a turn, you should...
a. Show your signal, check your mirrors for oncoming traffic and turn only when the road is clear
b. Slowly inch the nose of your car across oncoming traffic and edge across, honking crossly back at them if they so much as dare glare at you

2. When overtaking, you should...
a. Check that there is no oncoming traffic and that you have sufficient time and space to fully overtake the vehicle ahead of you
b. Just overtake! You can always trust your fellow driver in the opposite lane to scoot over and make space for you

3. Designated bus lanes are....
a. For buses only
b. Woohoo!!! Empty lane! Whizzzzzzzz!!!

4. If you wish to make a U-turn...
a. Use the designated U-turn lane and make the turn when there is no oncoming traffic
b. Just U-turn anywhere you like and pop Rp500 to the local lad who helps by walking out into oncoming traffic and holding up his hand in a commanding STOP gesture... thankee very much!

5. Traffic lights...
a. help regulate the flow of traffic and should be obeyed
b. make very pretty road decorations

6. A bajaj is...
a. modified three-wheeled public transportation
b. road scum and should be exterminated

If you answered:
Mostly A's: Can you see the white light? Go towards the white light. You aren't fit to survive on Jakarta roads.
Mostly B's: Congratulations!!! You will survive to fight another day!


  1. Hehehe... because I'm used to drive in an organized-chaos city like Jakarta, when the first time I took my driving instructor here in UK he thought I was going to kill him. I didn't pay attention to anything, especially at the round about. Poor guy was sweating when we're done and insisted me to sign up his class immediately!

  2. FW: We drive almost the same way in KL but more orderly, so Jkt traffic wasn't that huge a shock for me. But you really made me laugh out loud thinking of the UK instructor bec just ytdy I was thinking of my UK friends' faces should they be in Jkt traffic with me!

  3. i'm impressed. traffic in jakarta is beast to tame.

    nice blog Mrs. Top Monkey, enjoying it.

    uh, here's what i wrote on traffic in jakarta before,