Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shopping in Jakarta: Custom-made furniture for your kids

If you are familiar with the Kemang area, you will know there is a big McD's somewhere on Jl Kemang Raya, right at the traffic lights. Opposite that is a pizza place. If you follow the one-way road between the two, you will find your way past this weird wooden carving place on your right. It sells the most grotesque natural wood carvings I've ever seen in my life. Keep on following the road and it will eventually wind left. On your left, you will see a new building in glass which sells shoes and clothing (as of now, they're not open yet but have started arranging their stock). Right next to that building is a little lane with a sign there saying "Laros".

Laros makes kiddie furniture. You can't miss it because once you go into the little lane, there will be a small cottage-like shop with red painted walls and kiddie furniture visible through the window. Check if the sign says "Buka" (Open). They told me they open daily from 10am till prob 5pm but I've popped by before at 11am and they're closed.

The owner's name is Teguh and he can custom-make anything for your little one's bedroom. He has his own catalogue but you can bring in your own design and ask him to follow it. You can also ask him to modify any existing design. Prices quoted will depend on the type of wood you choose, the finish and the size. Be sure to bargain the price down. When I made my enquiries, he told me that he only makes the bedframes. Mattresses are add-ons but he works with a mattress supplier whom he assured me will give me the " discounts!"

Teguh can speak English as most of his customers are Western expats. He'll take about 3-6 weeks to get your kiddie furniture done, depending on the complexity and the weather. If it's the rainy season, you can expect some delays. We are going into the rainy season now in Jakarta, so check with him on timing.

A friend of mine had a desk, chair, bed (with drawers underneath) and cupboard custom-made for her 4yo daughter and both were delighted with the outcome. It was very cute, with little butterflies for drawer and door pulls and buttefly motifs on the bed as well. I've seen the bedroom set myself and I could hardly stop myself from going, "Awww..... so cute!" It cost her about Rp17 mill (approx RM5,000) for the whole set.

I thought of getting nursery furniture custom-made for our little boy as well but we decided against it in the end. Firstly, we're sure to move before he turns 3 and we're not sure where we'll end up and what sort of house we'll be living in. We may end up living in a small apartment in Aberdeen and not being able to squeeze in all his furniture and ours AND Dear Hubby's precious hi-fi. Secondly, I wasn't sure it was a "boy" thing to have all matchy-matchy furniture... it's just me, I suppose. I have visions of my little boy growing up to be a tough, manly lad who loves football, cars and women and is successful with all three. :)) You know... the Indiana Jones type of guy, not the erm... metrosexual types.

But there you go. If you're looking for someone who can craft Paddington Bear themed furniture for your child or whatever your heart desires, go to Laros.

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