Sunday, October 19, 2008

Preview of the labour to come

I've been waking up with leg cramps lately and Dear Hubby has been obliging with massages. I do appreciate how he struggles up, bleary-eyed at 6am and tries his best to follow my instructions. "Left please.. no, more to the right now... okay.. up a little, a little.. too much!" etc etc etc

But over the weekend, we got a sneak preview of how things might just unfold when real labour kicks in. I woke up with the worst leg cramps I've had in a long time AND back pains AND pains between my shoulder blades. Ouchies. Dear Hubby was promptly poked awake and pressed into massage service. As I yowled and howled in pain, he tried his best to lighten my mood by keeping up a string of jokes as he attempted to massage my aches away. But I wasn't in the mood to listen to jokes and just felt like clobbering him with my bolster, "SHUT UP! JUST MASSAGE!"

But I didn't.

I'll remember to tell him not to joke when it's labour for real. I may not be so lucid by then, so I might just end up murdering the father of my child. Which is not good for all three of us.


  1. You know... I'm beginning to think maybe I was lucky that Gavin didn't want to come out. I was uncomfortable being big, but at least I didn't have to suffer pre-labour pains until I got into the hospital and I knew things were happening soon, instead of possibly in the week to come...

    Good luck, dear.

  2. PB: Not labour yet you know!

    figur8: Thanks Shen. I just wish I had some sort of firm idea when he's coming instead of worrying all the time that my waters will break while I'm out shopping or something.

  3. Oh my...good luck! Keep us updated :p

  4. PE: Gulp. I'll need all the luck I can get, hehe. Will let you guys know for sure!