Monday, October 27, 2008

Think I just lost my mucus plug

WARNING: This post may contain Too Much Information (TMI) for some. Do not read if you are squeamish about bodily functions/fluids or are chowing down on a delicious plate of nasi lemak. Sigh. I miss nasi lemak from Suzy's Corner, Ampang.

Sometimes at night, I feel an uncontrollable urge to pee. It feels like Little Monkey is pressing down hard inside me and I just *have* to go. Unfortunately from past experience, I know all that usually comes out is this wee trickle of well... wee. It's annoying especially if it happens at night because I have to roll over in bed and get out (not easy when you're now built like a whale, you can see why they went back to live in the oceans), waddle off to bathroom, slowly lower myself on loo and then... triiiiiiickle... Geram nye...

Last night it happened again. So off I waddled to the loo, grumbling underneath my breath as I did so. After the wee had trickled out, I thought I felt something else slip out as well. So I took a look and... well, this is the only way I can describe it... it looked as if I'd passed out a length of cream-coloured knitting wool. It was probably 1am and I'm kinda groggy, so I stared at the "knitting wool" for some time before I called out to Dear Hubby, "Er... my Monkey? Come take a look."

He came over sleepily and the two of us peered into the toilet bowl for a few seconds before I said, "I think it's my mucus plug." This is the mucus-y bit that has sealed the mouth of the cervix and protected the little one from infections. As labour gets closer, the cervix thins and stretches out. This causes the mucus plug to loosen and fall out. Some women have it fall out in globs, some in strings. Does this mean I'm in labour?

Not necessarily. All it means is that things are moving along. It doesn't indicate labour will start within hours. Some women lose their mucus plugs weeks before labour begins. Some women just go into labour with any warning signs at all! So while I'm delighted things are moving along as they should, I'm also starting to get weary of the waiting. I've been told by many friends who have given birth that all they wanted in the final weeks of pregnancy was to get the baby out and have everything over and done with because they were tired of being uncomfortable all the time. I see what you mean, sisters!

So last night when my tummy started tightening up after, I thought, "Oooh... maybe he's decided to come!" and reached for my handphone's stopwatch function. Unfortunately, the tightening up was all over the place and I couldn't even time things properly to get a pattern going, so eventually I gave up and fell asleep. The fact that I could fall asleep is a good indication it was false because I know for sure no one sleeps through real labour pains!

So for now, I guess I'll just keep myself busy reading my childbirth books and looking at the cute clothes that Aunty PB and Aunty Kim has bought him... thanks guys! I'll be posting pics of the clothes soon, they're all in the wash now.

I guess Little Monkey will come when he comes.


  1. OMG you had my heart skip a beat for a moment. But i guess the fact you are blogging this now means you are not yet in labor - I'd like to see anyone blog live from the delivery room *giggles* Maybe I'd try that :P Hope everything goes ok - labour and all.

  2. PB: HAHAHAHA!!! That would be hardcore blogger indeed. Still waiting for His Royal Little Monkeyness to make his appearance... getting really weary now.