Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Sperm Meets Egg, Part I

BEFORE - taken in Phuket, Oct 06 just a month or so before we got engaged. Me and my lovely long luscious rebonded locks (I hate my natural wavy hair because it's such a pain to take care of) and bikini-worthy bod.

AFTER - taken last night when I'm 38 + 3 weeks pregnant with our Little Monkey and approximately 20kg++ heavier, wearing Dear Hubby's knit top and my super-megasize maternity pants. My hair's all gone wavy and wonky too because I was advised not to do any chemical work on my hair during my pregnancy.

While Dear Hubby is perfectly happy to hand over the cash for me to get back to the salon and spa for the rebonding and some therapy, he's balked at the liposuction and instead insists on gymwork. What??? Make me sweat some more after all that huffing and puffing to give you your son??? ;)))


  1. ROFLOL!!! I loved this :D Anyday now...

  2. PB: I'm now waiting to see what I look like post-Little Monkey and will post a sideways pic of me again.
    Tell you... very disheartening to see how fat I've become... LOL

  3. Hey you're still looking good! :)

    Am waiting to hear the good news!

  4. PE: Aww.. thanks you're such an ego booster!
    Hubby's thinking of painting this "This way out" on my tummy now with an arrow pointing downwards in the hopes that it may clue our little one in. LOL

  5. Tell him with all the time you'll be spending looking after the little one, you won't have time for the gym.

    BTW.. the lil one will be your personal trainer ;-)