Sunday, November 2, 2008

39 weeks.. and still no baby!

I am officially fed up of waiting. I know a normal gestation period for pregnancy is 40 weeks but I've had lots of false alarms for the past weeks and surely I can be forgiven for thinking each time, "Here he comes!" It's come to the point where I'm starting to ignore all the various cramps and pains I'm getting because I'm so used to them not getting me anywhere closer to seeing our little boy.

According to Babycenter US, he's now the size of a mini watermelon, measuring about 20" in length and weighing just over 7lbs. How on earth am I ever going to squeeze a mini-watermelon out??? Craps. Honestly!

Yesterday was the latest in a series of false alarms. We were spending a lazy Sunday at home. Dear Hubby was out sunning himself in the pool, desperate to get some colour. This is the bit I find funny. He, being white-skinned, is always trying his best to get a tan and hopes that our son is born with my darker colouring. We Asians, on the other hand, tend to spend loads of moolah on creams and potions that promise us magical whitening benefits and shudder at the thought of the sun. You always want what you don't have, I guess.

So while he's in the pool, I get bored and decide to make choc chip cookies and bake some bread. While waiting for the bread to rise, I suddenly realise that my entire tummy is contracting. Sitting down, I pick up my handphone to start timing the contractions and I find it impossible to do so. Contractions are supposed to have a start and an end, have a peak and a valley. Mine was just one looooooooooooong rolling contraction, with no end in sight. How was I to time it???

Things continued in the same vein all afternoon. The tightening ball in my tummy would suddenly uncoil, relax for maybe half an hour and then start balling up again and this one "contraction" would last an hour or so.

Sometime in the evening, I realised, "Oo-er... this been going on since afternoon.. maybe Little Monkey is knocking on door to come out!" So we talked it over, I checked up on my fave pregnancy website for labour signs, talked to my younger bro about it (he's a doctor) and we decided we would pop into hospital after dinner.

Just as dinner was ready, my neighbours popped by to say hello. They've got an adorable 4yo daughter whom Dear Hubby is totally in love with. (Not in the Gary Glitter way) My neighbour's a doctor too, so we talked it over and she said it sounds like the baby was getting ready for his big show-time.

And then... just after they left... all contractions stopped. Nada. Zero. Zip. Nil. Nothing. Sigh. It is now 10:30am on a Monday and still nothing. Back to the waiting game.


  1. I saw you pop up on my reader and I thought "She's popped!" but no! Looks like Little Monkey is learning lessons of time from his mommy :P Waiting for the SMS!

  2. PB: It's come to the point where induction is starting to look really attractive! Craps betul... tired of this waiting game.