Saturday, November 22, 2008

Connor's update: Home for 2 weeks

Connor has been home for 2 weeks now and I've already developed Mommy Radar and Panda Eyes. Dear Hubby noted my lack of sleep last night and helped watch over him this morning while I slept. But I leapt up from bed when I heard Connor's cry, a cry that penetrated through layers of concrete and wood from the lower ground to our first floor bedroom. I can sleep through an earthquake but all he needs to do is bleat a piteous "Mekk..." and I'm up. That's Mommy Radar for you.

I estimate I've changed close to 100 diapers now. *beams* I was pretty clumsy and slow the first time but I got a LOT of practise. I've even learnt to distinguish his poo-poo face from his I-want-milk face. I've been peed on quite a few times now and have learnt to quickly cover his little wee-wee with a clean diaper so that I don't get sprayed. The funniest bit was about two nights ago, I was putting a clean diaper on and was trying to get his little wee-wee to point downwards so that he won't wet his babygro should he pee. But it wouldn't go down. That was when I realised, "Ah... he's having a wee... ahem.. standy-uppy moment!" Dear Hubby beamed with pride when I told him the incident, "That's my boy!"

We'd spent a good part of 6am this morning trying to persuade him to sleep. Clearly weekend sleep-ins do not yet exist in Connor's world. So I picked up this IKEA toy Aunty Mei had bought for him and sang him a song, "Here comes the blue elephant with the big orange ears... here comes the blue elephant with the big orange ears..." as I danced the elephant towards him, hoping to distract him from bawling. Dear Hubby observed, "Connor's going to think he's on drugs if you keep showing him the elephant." I paused, looked at the toy and said, "Yep.. he looks like the Hindu elephant god gone wrong."

See what I mean? (Original picture found here)

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