Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mum and bro visits from Malaysia

Mum and younger bro arrived late Monday night. Even though Mum must have been tired out from all the travelling, she practically bounced out of the car to greet Dear Hubby and me. The first thing we did was to lead them upstairs to show them Connor. Words can't describe the look of joy on my mother's face when she finally got to hold her first grandchild for the first time. Connor was fast asleep and never woke up even though we brought him downstairs so that she could hold him for a bit longer. Dear Hubby said he'd never my mum look so pleased before with something I did. Hehe.

Connor had some lovely presents from his maternal aunt and my younger bro. It is customary to present a newborn baby with gold and my parents bought him a lovely gold pendant with the image of a rat as he's born in the Year of the Rat. My younger bro bought him a gold chain. My eldest aunt presented him with a really traditional gift, a charm anklet with tiny bells. You're supposed to put it on your baby when he starts moving around so that you can hear where he is. Sorta like putting a bell on a cat!

It's nice to have Mum around, she knows how to make all those herbal soups that are supposed to be very good for cleansing and nourishing me after delivery. And it's really nice to know there's someone 100% reliable to help keep an eye on the baby for a bit while I run off and grab a shower. Since Connor came along, there have been days where I've been unable to shower until late afternoon simply because I can't leave him alone.

Not all their time has been spent at home staring at the baby. Mum went out with our neighbour to Plaza Mayestek (spelling?) to hunt for souvenirs for my aunts and came home with several pieces of embroidered shawls and Shangtung silk for them. Younger brother took the opportunity to check out Senayan City and Pacific Place and came away very impressed by their grandeur.

Younger bro is leaving today and I probably won't get to see him again till the Chinese New Year holidays in Jan 2009. Dad will be arriving next Monday night and I can't wait to show my father his first grandchild. My dad adores children, you see.

Some things my mum has been doing:
  • Taking down his birth certificate number so that she can go home to Malaysia and buy 4D lottery and hopefully, strike the jackpot!
  • Telling her grandson that he's "...a Chinese boy!" despite the fact that he's half English and doesn't look very Chinese.
  • Boiling up this herbal concoction for his bath and my bath. It makes me smell like a Chinese teapot.

But as long as it makes her happy... and she is happy, I never knew that a little baby could make so many people so happy. :)))

Our Connor, all hair and eyes, on his beanbag

I HATE BATHS!!! His first bath at home by the midwife. There is a LOT of power in those little lungs.

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