Monday, December 29, 2008

Liverpool, Liverpool... top of the league!

WOOOHOOO!!!! Top of the league at Christmas, top of the league for the New Year's!

And here's the future Liverpool FC captain who missed the entire Liv-New match because it was night-night and he was in his night-night clothes, fast asleep even as Daddy and Mommy cheered on every single one of Liverpool's 5 goals. I guess it's not his fault as he's only 7 weeks old.


  1. Gosh he's so cute *melts* Didn't manage to see much of the big-big eyes that day!

  2. PE: I can tell which sister saw the bawling Connor and which sister saw the peaceful sleeping Connor! LOL I bet your sis didn't think he was so cute the day he was bawling non-stop. LOL

  3. hi!
    it's a nice Liverpool shirt, may I know where do you buy it? it's quite hard to look for cute baby boy clothes as pink baby clothes spread everywhere...
    btw, i would like to add ur blog into my blogroll list. thanks.

  4. novina: Hi there! We bought the romper in Anfield at the club shop. Just happens my hubby is a Scouser.
    I don't think the Adidas stores sell them but you can order them online from :))