Sunday, December 14, 2008

When Sperm Meets Egg, Part III


Mum (prior to her visit here): Oh... I'll be there for maybe 2 weeks. Aiya... how to expect me to help much in looking after a baby? I'm already so old, my (insert random body part) is (insert random ailment)... how to keep up with a baby? Hmph... when your Uncle XXX had his son so many years ago, he asked your Grandma to help babysit... how can, how can? Babies are so much work. We old people have no energy.


Mum (last night on the phone): I miss my grandson! How I wish you were living close by! Then I could come by and help you look after the baby! Even if you were in KL, I could come more often and see him... aiya... is there any way I can see him on the internet?


I have to say Mum was really a great help when she was here in Jakarta. The only problem is now Connor is wondering, "Hey, where's that nice lady who will pick me up within 5 seconds of my crying? Now I'm stuck with this not-very-nice Boobie Lady who sometimes leaves me to howl for 10 minutes!"

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