Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My first outing alone with Connor

I did it! I survived an outing alone with my little boy! *beams*

Last night, Madam requested that our driver be sent back home from Dear Hubby's office at 11am. I wanted to go out and buy some Christmas cards for friends and family. I also thought it was about time I learnt how to manage Connor outside the home on my own and this would be an ideal occasion to do it since the trip would be short and sweet.

We only left the house at 12 noon. Just as I was getting ready to put him into his car seat, His Royal Boy-boyness demanded some milk. So I fed him and made sure he burped before I put him into his car seat. Just as I finished strapping him in, he let loose a series of loud praap-praap-praap!!! sounds accompanied by what we call his poo-face, followed by a look of utter relief. SIGH. So I fished him out and changed his diaper. Goodness me. What a mess.

But once I got him into the car at last, it was pretty much smooth sailing all the way. He usually falls asleep during outings and if he fusses, milk usually does the trick of settling him. What I found tricky was navigating through shops with his stroller, the diaper bag and the shopping. The shops I was at weren't baby-friendly and it's simply amazing how many people are totally clueless about where NOT to put their supermarket trolleys. I was stumped when the only route to the exit was via steps and there was no way I could manage the steps with the stroller and shopping. Good thing our driver came in to give me a hand. I couldn't help wondering what I would do if I were back in KL, driver-less and stuck in the same situation.

It's been such a pleasant experience that I'm feeling confident enough now to try a longer trip. This will be good practice for our soon-to-be trip back to KL for Christmas and the biggie in 2009... the 13-hour flight to UK to see Nan and Grandpa!


  1. Hi, i love reading your blog, it's nice to go with your baby here somebody will always help you.

  2. novina: Thank you, hope you'll continue to enjoy my little blog!