Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes!!! My baby boy smiled at me!

FINALLY. After weeks and weeks of caring for a being that seemed only interested in my milk supply and clean diapers and clothing, I am being rewarded with huge toothless grins and goo-goo's.

About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that Connor was smiling. But never at me, his Mommy and primary caregiver and Biggest Pacifier in the World. Nor at his Daddy. Oh no. All his smiles were saved for his two friends, Big Red Curtain and Blue Headboard, both of whom reside in our bedroom. Try as I might, Connor simply wouldn't acknowledge my existence (or Dear Hubby's) with a smile. We got so desperate to see his smile that we would make him look at Big Red Curtain and/or Blue Headboard just for the pleasure of seeing him grin. It was either that or wait for him to fart as that also made him break out into a smile but that was purely facial muscle reaction. It's not what we call a "social smile" as the smile never reached his eyes.

2 weeks ago before we left for our holidays in Kuala Lumpur, I noticed he would squirm when I tickled him during diaper changes and baths. The expression on his face indicated he didn't think it was a bad thing to do to him and I thought, "YES! He's finally ticklish!" Dear Hubby rushed over to tickle his tummy, hoping to get at least a smile but still nothing. Connor had progressed to greeting Blue Headboard with a cheerful "Ah-goo" but nothing for me and Dear Hubby.

Then last week happened. He'd just woken up in the morning and as usual, was looking around the room with big-big eyes. I got up as well and prepared to change his diaper. I looked down at my little boy and said cheerfully (as I do every morning), "Good morning, Connor! Hello my little boy! How's Mummy's little precious?" To my delight and amazement, he beamed right back at me, gums and all, and gurgled back a happy "Ah goo".

Gawd. It made all those sleepless nights and being poo-ed on sessions so worth it. I guess this is the infant equivalent to your child coming home and announcing, "Ma... I've won the Nobel Prize. Now what's for tea?"

We now enjoy lovely meaningful conversations and tickle sessions every day and Dear Hubby and I no longer cast envious eyes upon Big Red Curtain and Blue Headboard. I'm sooooo looking forward to hearing Connor say his first word. It just might be "GOAL!" as that is one word he hears quite often in our footie-mad home.


  1. Happy New Year


    I stupidly missed this one ... what a baby :-)

  2. Azer: Happy 2009 to you too! Aw.. thanks... check out his LFC kit! Hehe.