Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Update: Connor is 3 months old.. YAY!

Yowza! The first quarter is over and this is Connor's Q1 report.

He's gone from a being who could only eat, sleep and poo to a cheerful (I know you won't buy this bit, PB... LOL), active little lad. I'm beginning to get glimpses into his personality. I know for sure he's one determined, stubborn little fella - just witness the intent in his eyes when he's struggling to push himself over my pillow and I know for sure there's going to be many tug-of-wars to come between us.

A mirror delights him. He coos and grins at the baby in the mirror, not realising it's really his own reflection. He's no longer jerky and unco-ordinated and gone are the days when he'd accidentally bop himself on the forehead with a fist. He's also mastered the Art of Grabbing Mommy's Hair. Oww.

He's rather playful and will respond readily to my funny faces with grins and coos. If I spin a yarn while he's on his beanbag, he'll listen carefully and comment with the occasional "Ah-goo-goo". When we keep repeating "Hello" to him, he eventually responds with a "Ah-woh" and we cheer and applaud his efforts. His vocab isn't very extensive at the moment, consisting mainly of Ah-goos and squeals but we're working on it.

He knows who Mommy is. (At last!) During CNY at my house, he was constantly carried by adults he didn't recognise. But if he heard my voice, he would turn his head towards me. I'm his Chief Pacifier, Milk Source, Poo Cleaner and Pee Wiper so naturally he responds most to me. Next in line is his Daddy, who's the only one in the world who'll make him fly like Superman.

The shock of hair he was born with has morphed into a Donald Trump comb-over, bouffant-y do. It adds approximately 5cm to his length measurements. We've decided not to cut it till his Nana has had a chance to see it. We're thinking the George Clooney Caesar look would suit our boy.

It's been three months of a lot of hard work, a lot of sleep lost, a social life gone to shreds BUT all it takes is one smile from my little one when he wakes up and sees me and I think, "It's worth it all." It's not for everyone, I'm just realising how much work motherhood is but I'm glad I chose it.

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