Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in Jakarta!

Well, we're home. And it looks like we'll be home till perhaps late Mar/Apr when we'll look to bring our little boy back to England for the first time to meet his Nana and Grandpa.

Although it was again a pretty rushed trip back to Malaysia, we had a wonderful time. Connor met his Auntie K and Uncle R for the first time. I think it's important that Connor gets to meet the English side of his family often as well. That can prove tricky as we only ever get back to UK once a year and his grandparents are getting on now and long-haul flights are proving a bit beyond them.

CNY was spent in my little hometown. It was drizzling when we arrived and my dad immediately rushed out with this giant golf brolly to shelter his precious grandson from the rain. My mum rushed to wash her hands clean so that she could come cuddle him. I asked Dear Hubby later, "Did they even say 'Hi' to us?" We don't even rate a footnote now!

It was nice to see all my aunts and uncles again and it was lovely to see them all turn to mush at the sight of our little boy. He's the first baby to arrive on the scene in 13 years so he got everyone's undivided attention. I guess this must have been how it'd been when I was born some 30-odd years ago as I too was the first grandchild... except I was a lot less cute! While my aunts and uncles loved having Connor, they were less thrilled to realise that they're now officially grandaunts and granduncles. They said it made them feel so old!

The cultural divide too was proving smaller as fried rice featured on reunion dinner menu for the first time specially for Dear Hubby and proved a hit. When we all bowed before the altar to the Jade Emperor, I told Dear Hubby that he need not do it if he didn't want to but he got himself the joss sticks, lit them and bowed together with us. After placing them in the hiong lor, he turned to me and smiled, "I've just asked for a long and healthy life for my wee boy from the Big Man." I thought that was so sweet!

So now the madness of travelling is over (for now...) and we get to settle back into our routine here in Jakarta. I wish we could have stayed a little longer in Malaysia though!


  1. hehe..Connor's taken over as the centre of attention eh? I was laughing so hard when I read the "dad with giant golf brolly" bit... :D

    sounds like you had a great CNY... :)

  2. Haiyo... I missed visiting you leh... :P And I love what DH did with the joss sticks. Aww....

  3. beetrice: It was the one-drop-per-square-mile kinda drizzle, I already had a blankie covering him... BUT dad still insisted on the brolly.

    PB: No worries... it was such a rush for us actually. I should be back in KL once our apartment is finished as Madam has to look for lights and stuff, so will be home for maybe a month or so. Can meet up then! :)

  4. Hi, I saw you blogs and went thru it, Well its wonder full, but you must be happy that your hubby brings you around when travelling. Well i am an indonesian. So life in Jakarta is really boring, Unlike overseas i guess.

  5. Zaedani: I've finally found your comment! Sorry but i don't know how to get Blogger to sort my comments by post so I could never reply back to you.
    I think jkt has a lot of things to do.. just that the traffic makes it difficult to do many things in one day. After a year here, I quite enjoy it. I've never lived overseas before so I can't tell... I can only compare with my homeland.