Saturday, February 28, 2009

YAY! Connor can roll from back to tummy too!

He's a week shy of the 4 month mark and he's learnt to roll!

As usual, Dear Hubby took him downstairs early in the morning so that I could get some zzz's and when he came up, he proudly reported that Connor could roll from back to front. He'd put Connor down on the carpet and our little boy promptly flipped over. Of course his arm got stuck under him which made him cross. Once he wriggled it free, he tried to push forward but didn't quite manage it. That was IT. His face crumpled and he opened his mouth to wail. So Dear Hubby decided it was time to hand him back to Mommy.

Now I can't stop him from rolling. I put him on our bed just this afternoon and he flipped over right away. I flipped him back onto his back again and sternly warned him to not move. The moment I straightened up, *boing!* he'd flipped back onto his tum again.

While I'm absolutely thrilled that Connor has hit this physical milestone, it now brings a whole new set of problems for me. I normally put him on a mat on the bathroom floor so I can keep an eye on him while I shower. I guess that's out now that he can roll over... can't have him rolling under the bathroom cabinets! Think, Mommy, think!

I think I can understand now why my grandparents popped my uncle into this giant cardboard carton... maybe I can ask Ranch Market for one and pop Connor inside....

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