Monday, March 2, 2009

Counting down to Connor's first UK trip

*mwah* Mummy loves you!

Can't wait to touch down in Liverpool this Sunday. Weather looks awful though, I've just looked it up on BBC and it says "max temp 8 deg C, sleet shower"... stuff like that. Yucks.

But it's going to be lovely to introduce him to his Nan and Granddad for the first time, they've been waiting far too long to see their latest grandson. Connor will be wearing hand-me-downs in the UK, various cousins have loaned us their babies' old coats and cardigans for him. Hope they fit, I'm hoping not to spend money on a coat that Connor will only wear for 2++ weeks.

Mommy and Daddy are going to travel with half-empty suitcases so we can load up on baby gear... we found really great deals in places like Asda and Matalan for him the last time round, so we're heading back there again.

And of course... there is the all-important visit to the Kop... another step in our son's education as a Liverpool fan. Teeheehee...


  1. whoa! long flight ahead! Hope Connor behaves - so young and already a jetsetter! :D

  2. PB: I'm so hoping he'll zzz during the flight otherwise it's going to be a cranky Mommy and Baby that lands in the UK.

  3. eeeeeeeeee... cute nye.... hey your hair curly balik hor...

  4. Roy: I never straightened my hair la... I left the curls there.

    Azer: TQ! Most looking fwd to bringing him to Kop.

  5. Congrats on the marriage and baby AiLeen!! I presume you're the AiLeen whom I know.
    NightHawke Jeffy!