Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello from Singapore!

We are currently stuck in a hotel in Singapore. Dear Hubby's just had his corrective spinal op and has been ordered to remain in Singapore until this Friday to recuperate. He was quite groggy and definitely not himself over the weekend but he seems to have bounced back today. We'll see the doctor tomorrow for his first follow-up check and hope to get the okay to fly back to Jakarta on Friday.

I've been taking Connor out for trips so that Dear Hubby gets time off to himself to rest. Connor is starting to figure out how to crawl and has been practising enthusiastically everywhere he can. So he's become an absolute handful in the hotel room and too much for Dear Hubby to handle. Connor's figured out some time ago that crawling involved getting up on all fours. But he didn't know what the next step was and would rock back and forth on all fours and wail for help. Now he's figured out that a push from his legs would propel him forward but it would make him land splat face-first into the rug. So he's trying to work out the arms bit but he's not quite there yet.

This is a vid of our boy taken a few days ago as he practised on our bed in the hotel room. I usually don't let him do his crawl stunts on the bed as there's a danger he might just push a little too hard and send himself tumbling over but I was watching closely this time and I know just how much he's capable of at this moment.

It made Dear Hubby and I laugh. Think it'll beat Susan Boyle for Britain's Got Talent? ;)


  1. Your baby is going to fill more and more of your time now! You'll see when he moves forward and puts everything in his mouth! But lots of fun though!

  2. Aiyo! Hes adorable! So not the little waily one I saw months ago - they grow up so fast!

  3. Cris: Ya... I can foresee a very tired Mommy to come! LOL

    PB: He's a little less grumpy now that I've sussed out his naps and feed times. Cute to look at but very tiring to chase after!