Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm so hurt... *sniffles* Hee...

I was hurt so heart-deep yesterday. *sniff, sniff*

Our car, which has been sitting idle here in KL for a month, wouldn't start. So I got a mechanic to come in and jump-start the car. After driving it around for a bit, I parked it and switched the engine off. When I tried re-starting the car, it still wouldn't start and I knew it was time to change the car battery.

So I got the same mechanic to change the battery. As he worked, I stood nearby cradling Connor in my arms. The mechanic paused in his work to look at my little boy. "Your son very cute hor," he commented. I beamed with pride and was about to thank him for his lovely comment when he continued, "Must be it's his father who's very handsome hor?"




  1. hahah... I haven't seen the father, is he in one of the stories? But I sure adore your boy... he is very lovely and sweet.... don't you want to take portrait pictures of u and him? :) don't worry I should give u a special price and also I can come to ur place.... see my portfolio at

  2. Rachel: Hehe... thanks, my boy can be quite naughty sometimes though. I don't post pics of my hubby on this blog because I don't think his company will appreciate having the boss of the Indon operations being the star of some blog. LOL
    I have been thinking about portrait pictures but thought we'd wait till he's 1yo. Thanks for your link, will check it out!