Thursday, April 2, 2009

My nightmare week

What's worse than a sick baby? A sick baby who's jet-lagged.

We've never had much problems with Connor up till now. He'd settled himself into his little routine and would always nod off at 830pm and sleep through till maybe 3am. He'd then wake for a feed and settle back immediately and snooze on till 6am. In the day, he'd promptly settle down for a nap at 1pm and sleep in one-hour blocks till probably 4pm.

But upon our return from the UK, it was all very different. He'd caught a cold while we were in Scotland, so he would wake up frequently in the night crying because his nose was all clogged up. I tried everything - saline drops in the nose, sucking the mucus out, vapour rubs, elevating his head - none really worked. Poor baby would wake up with a runny nose but it's eased off now. He's still not 100% well so I've kept him away from other babies.

The jet lag meant he was up at odd hours of the night, fussing and wanting to play. ARGH. During the day, he was cranky and refused to be put down for even one second. I'd offered him all sorts of different toys and distractions but no go. All he wanted was for mummy to carry him and walk around and around. I can't do that for hours on end!

Just when he's finally showing signs of settling back into his routine, guess what? We have to be flying off again. Dear Hubby's been told he's got to have his back operated on next week in Sing to correct a spinal disc problem so that's us packing up again and hopping onto a plane.

Can someone remind me why I wanted a baby in the first place? Thank you.


  1. 'Cause when he snuggles up to you, it's the most adorable thing in the whole world...

  2. Shen: Okayyyy... you're right. I just adore it when he looks to me for comfort.