Friday, March 27, 2009

Back from the UK at last!

It is 12 noon here in Jakarta and I am feeling crap. Our journey to Manchester Airport on Thurs, an hour away from the family home in Liverpool, started at 6am. This meant I was up by 5am to shower and get baby ready. It was a 14-hour flight from Manchester to Singapore and Connor's body clock was set to Day. So he was bright and chirpy most of the time, taking only short naps. Isn't it fun being stuck on a plane with a bright, chirpy, bored 4.5-month-old. Not. Next time, we only fly nights. The Sing-Jkt flight was much better because our baby was tired out by then.

It was a really good trip this time except that Connor caught his first cold and sore throat a week before we were to fly home. Even then it was pretty mild but we took him to a doctor anyway to ensure he would be okay for the flight. He had a temperature and a sniffly nose but it was hard to tell otherwise that he was not 100% well because he was still bouncing all over the place. Dear Hubby and I looked at each other and said, "The doctor's going to think we're crackpots, taking this bouncy baby in and saying he's ill."

What happened in the UK?

Connor met family and friends
Dear Hubby proudly showed off the latest addition to the family to everyone. My mum-in-law had been showing off his pictures to the church, so the congregation was also waiting to greet him. The prodigal son? Something like that....
The only erm... living thing who wasn't very impressed with Connor was Thomas the family cat. He looked at our baby boy in surprise and disdain. "What's this horrible thing that bawls and smells of poo so often???" I was wary of Thomas because I'd read that cats and babies don't quite get along but Thomas gave Connor a wide berth. It was funny to see the cat take a huge detour round Connor to get to his favourite window seat.

Liverpool spanked Real, Man U and Villa
TEEHEE. My father-in-law said Liv saved their best performances of the season for Connor's first time in the UK. Dear Hubby and I watched the Man U-Liv game in Carra's sports bar down in Liverpool One and it was such a blast. Proper sports bar that... designed by someone who knows what it's like trying to catch a glimpse of the action on the screen. Even had telly screens below the bar counter! That suited us just fine as we were seated next to the bar.

Our son is "baptised" at the Kop
Took him down to the club, dressed in his infant Liverpool kit and took piccies of him with good ol' Shanks. There. Our son will never know any other club now. NE-VER.
We took him to the club shop (The club tour can wait till he's older) and Dear Hubby got him an LFC plaque that says "Connor's room". Hehe.

I saw my first LFC player in the flesh!
It was Danny Agger! He was injured and not included in our squads, so there he was strolling around Liverpool One area that afternoon, looking spiffy in a red-white checked shirt and jeans. It was Dear Hubby who spotted him and nudged me, "That's Agger, isn't it?" I looked up and so it was! If it'd been my beloved Pepe, I would have run up and asked for a pic and a kiss.

Grocery shopping!
You'll think I'm mad to adore grocery shopping. But I do. I adore getting the large trolley and going up and down shopping aisles. Stepping into Asda was like stepping into Retail Heaven after having to make do with Hero and Ranch Market here. I love Asda and there's one close to home. The range and variety of foods was awesome. And the sweets section! OOH! Suit you sir!

I lost weight
Funny thing that. Life in UK at my in-laws' = good ol' mum's cooking + sweets + crisps. I dunno how I lost weight. Should go back to Liverpool more often.

We had loads of fun. But it's nice to be home again in Jakarta.


  1. lost weight? it's the nasi lemak syndrome back again!
    the trip sounds nice. hey heard about the dam broke near jakarta... how far is it from you guys? are you guys affected by it?

  2. Me looooooooove nasi lemak syndrome... lol We're okay, dam's not near us as in like not next door near. So kesian all those people. :((

  3. "Funny thing that. Life in UK at my in-laws' = good ol' mum's cooking + sweets + crisps. I dunno how I lost weight. Should go back to Liverpool more often."

    That's why scouse are the sexiest people on earth. thank you. thank you ... hehe

    wb :-)

  4. Hi... mum, it is an excitement reading your blog being an expat here in Jakarta :) you have yourself such an adorable baby boy there...

    I'm Diana, truly Indonesian, I'm very fond of children .. and that's why I put myself in the kids photography business. Check out my blog: call me up if you need a photographer :) would be very happy to assist.

  5. Azer: LOL Dunno about that... seen some rather hard looking Scousers around.

    Diana: Hiya! Thank you... my baby can be a bit of a fusspot but we love him all the same. Will check out your blog, thanks!

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