Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kiddy Cuts, Senayan City: Connor's 1st haircut

We'd been telling each other that we would get Connor's hair cut as it was getting into his eyes. It was also making him very hot. The funny thing about Connor's hair is that it goes into oingo-boingo curls when he's sweating and we've always used his hair to gauge if he was too hot. When we were home at my parents' with no air-conditioning, Connor's hair was in perpetual curls. This led many, many people to exclaim, "Aiyo... so cute! Girl hah?"

We got his hair cut last Saturday at Kiddy Cuts in Senayan City. It's located on the 3rd floor of the mall. It's kinda cute because they have seats in the shape of racing cars for older kids and each seat is equipped with a telly set that was showing cartoons/kiddy shows. For little babies like our Connor, they provide seats so that Mummy/maid can hold onto him while they do the biz. They have loads of helping hands and toys distract the children while they get cuts, so that was helpful.

We paid Rp90,000 for the cut and gave the erm.. stylist (???) another Rp10,000. Not sure if the tip was too little/too much/just right... sounding like Goldilocks here.... so if anyone knows the appropriate amount, let me know.

I think they did a good job considering Connor decided 5 minutes into the cut that he didn't like it at all and started crying. I was holding him on my lap and we tried everything to pacify him - milk, toys, bubbles, tv, singing songs... no go. I can't imagine having to spend all day at work dealing with customers like him. I'd go nuts, so I really appreciate the girl's patience.

The boy before us got a crew cut and screamed all the way through. Poor lad. When it was Connor's turn, she called out his name and held up the clippers. I paled. Oh no! Don't buzz off all of Connor's lovely locks! Holding Connor protectively, I shook my head and said, "Rapikan sahaja... bukan cukur semua!" (Just a trim, don't shave it all off!) So out came the scissors, blunted at the end for safety, and snip, snip they went.

This is Connor before the cut.

This is Connor after the cut. I must admit when I first saw him without his usual head of hair, I thought to myself, "What have you done to my baby?" But I'm liking it more and more and he's definitely feeling a lot cooler without all the curls and looking unmistakably BOY.


  1. aww... he still looks adorable either way though the shorter haircut DOES make him look more boy than girl :)

  2. PB: I'm so glad he looks all boy now. Tired of having to correct people when they think he's a girl. :)

  3. OMG......he's sooooooooooo cute!!!!!! *hearts* I love both hairstyle!

  4. Oh wow! Your boy has a lot of hair! And he is so adorable, more and more like a little boy looking! So cute! I used a trimmer at home for his first haircut when he was almost 12 months and I still do, but he doesn't have too much hair :-)

  5. Grace: Aw.. thanks... :)

    Cris: You did such a good job with the trimmer!

  6. ouyee! Looks like a little man now!

  7. *grumble grumble grumble about this website!!* Hey AiLeen - email me again please....