Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Connor is 6 months old!

Where did half a year go?

When we brought him home half a year ago, he was utterly helpless. Well, not really... when you think about it... How can something that weighed less than 3kg bring 2 fully-grown adults running to him with just one mew? He's so different now. From a being that could just eat, sleep and poo, he's gone on to become a being that can eat, sleep, poo, sit, crawl, attempt to stand/walk and babble!

He first sat up properly last week when we were home at my parents'. I knew he wasn't too far away from sitting up as he'd been trying and trying for weeks. He was wobbly at first and would fall over if he got too engrossed in a toy, that was pretty funny. We'd shared a big, bouncy mattress on the floor at my parents' because I wasn't going to have him fall off the bed again. I remember waking up one morning and getting a shock because he wasn't anywhere near me. ARGH! Where's my baby! I sat up in fright only to see that he'd crawled off to the corner where his toys were heaped up and was sitting up, playing happily with them. Phew...

We've started him on solids and he's lovin' it. Dear Hubby said that Connor seemed to be a natural at eating solids which surprised him as some babies take time to get used to eating something new. I said proudly, "He's half-Malaysian... of course he loves his food! We'll be feeding him nasi lemak soon, just you wait!"

His crawl technique is still a work in progress but it's getting him to where no baby has ever gone before. He's figured out now that legs AND arms need to move and that flopping on his belly like he used to hurts a LOT on harder surfaces. Since he's managed to get mobile, he *thinks* he can stand and walk. So he's been pulling himself up to a standing position each time he's near something he can grab onto and testing his balance by letting go for a second or two. "Look Mom, no hands!"

I'm patiently teaching him sign language and pointing out things to him ("Look Connor, Mummy's buying you some bananas!") but he keeps looking elsewhere and I feel like I might as well have been teaching one of his stuffed animals. As for the ABC flash cards I bought to teach him, he's finding them a very delicious source of fibre.

He loves to babble. We were stuck in Kemang traffic today and I knew he was getting tired and cranky because it was close to nap time. Connor let me know EXACTLY what he thought of my handling of the situation. It was the longest single-syllable lecture I'd ever received in my life.

My beautiful boy. This has been the happiest and most fulfilling six months of my life.

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